We Supply Premium Quality Kiln Dried Firewood Logs in Crates, Net Bags and Poly Bags. Free Delivery in Mainland UK.

Saurida Wood Kiln dried firewood crates, burning stove with the wood inside burning, wood net bags and poly bags.
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The Best Solutions When It Comes to Firewood Logs

Having been supplying happy customers with kiln dried hardwood logs for years, we know exactly how to prepare wood for maximum heat output and extensive burning time.

We understand just how important wood is for you and offer you the best solutions when it comes to firewood.


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Premium Hardwood Selection for Cleaner and Longer Burn

Firewood logs produced using Oak, Ash and Birch dense hardwood, all of the logs for sale contains 17 percent moisture on average

Which provides significantly longer burn times, protecting firewood from decay and fungi damage, and preventing the fire wasting energy drying out the logs before it starts releasing heat.

Furthermore, fire logs burn clean , and there is no blackening of your stove’s glass, provide maximum warmth while ensuring that no soot or tar builds up in your chimney or flue.

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Always near you when you need Heat, Warmth and Cosiness

All deliveries are FREE in mainland UK. Delivery time is estimated from 1 to 4 business days.

Firewood logs

Highest Quality Standard for Each Fire Log

Genuine kiln dried firewood logs that are processed with the most advanced technology currently available.

Our equipment is automated to ensure that each and every piece of wood that you get from us is as good as the last one.

With our automated and accurate systems kiln drying and splitting our logs, the products we put out for your use are confirmed to be of the highest quality. The wood we offer is old, making it more mature and more able to burn smoother and longer.


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